MyPortal3E The monitoring of your installations, reinvented.


Manage your Energy and Environmental Impact

We believe in protecting our planet and empowering people without compromising on the quality of our clients products.

We offer industries sustainable and effective solutions to reduce our clients' carbon footprint, optimizing their energy consumption and operating costs

Based on collective intelligence, MyPortal3E connects people and machinery, to manage industries' installations efficiently.


MyPortal3E tracks over 3'000 industrial sites and 200 Energy Performance Contracts consuming more than 1.7 TWh/year to be optimized for 282 kt of CO2 emissions or the equivalent of 24.8M inhabitants.


Empowered collaboration

Fully operational even without automatic data transmission

Kick-start writing the story of your industrial site in MyPortal3E. Digitize your installations: upload your blueprints and technical documentation, then share & access them easily with QR codes.

Fill in your machinery: MyPortal3E helps you to foresee regulatory milestones, rationalize work orders and anticipate the overhaul of your equipment.

Populate the data of your energy bills to identify the levers of optimization and to reduce your energy & carbon footprint



becomes your site's knowledge base and helps you collaborate efficiently through action plans and progress plans.

MyPortal3E takes you even further by collecting your data automatically for real-time monitoring. Our data scientists, process engineers and IPMVP certified engineers will work with you to analyze your data, give it meaning and tell the story of your site.

Apps give you full control over your installations


Dashboards provide you with an overall view of how your facilities are operating and the necessary information to accompany your prevention and correction actions.

Data Visualization

Use the available data from your site to create your own custom charts and alarms.


Oversee the action plans and improvements of your facilities. Collaborate effectively by tagging partners in your projects. Ensure compliance. In short, plan the present and the future of your site.

Documents & Blueprints

Access and share technical documentation on the go with QR code and with rights management.

The store enriches your experience with additional tools and applications

And so much more


Available everywhere, all the time…

At the office or on the go, MyPortal3E is with you through the web portal and mobile app.

... in all languages…

MyPortal3E is available in any language.

...Safety first!

Ensuring the security of your information is critical, which is why we host your data on our own private, dedicated server.

Facts & Figures

3000+ users

3000+ industrial sites

10k+ machinery equipment

12 countries

100k+ Work Orders

5000+ CERFA available at any time